Hyper-V Pro Tip: Don’t cross the streams

update: using a single GPU, same results. It’s not the dual-gpu unsupported problem. Something else is hosing my hyper-v host from the guest install. The results, well, sucked. Nuked the system totally. So don’t cross the streams! In my lab I was building an MDT share so I could mass deploy endpoints. I’m a hyper-v […]

Tanium is hiring!

Hello friends, countrymen, and esteemed guests! As you may know, I’m a Technical Account Manager* with Tanium now, having left MSFT a bit ago (again). Well, Tanium is growing in big ways and we’re looking for some talented IT/Security folks, particularly in our Southeast Region, and specifically around Tampa, FL and Memphis, TN. We also […]

Misadventures in BIOS updates

So I’m on a new-ish motherboard from ASUS that has an AM4 socket for my Ryzen 1700x processor. So far so good right? Well, ASUS released a new BIOS update that “Update AGESA to”. This sounded awesome, or at least a fix, as BIOS 0803 updated to and was noticeably no longer on […]

I bought some SC (Sia coin)

Here’s why I bought into Sia…spending like, $27 for 1500-ish coins. It’s a practical use-case for crypto-coin tech (imo). It has some good development skill backing it. It has some extremely favorable news (see below) Someone bothered to engineer and produce an ASIC to mass-produce SC and it comes out soon. Here’s how: I bought BTC (bitcoin) […]

Disable Bluetooth in Windows 10

Enterprise administrators sometimes ask, how do I prevent Bluetooth file transfers or radio transmissions in Windows 10. If that’s your scenario, there is not (as time of writing) any GPO to manage this. So Microsoft Technical Solutions Professional Chris Jones to the rescue! PowerShell snippet fit for SCCM or MDT stunts below! # Must be run […]

Office 365 and Office non-365 troubleshooters

I admit it, I got lost trying to format the reddit post (some comments nsfw) correctly with all the community additions. So I made a better formatted list here because I know how. (Not that I don’t want to learn, but today was a busy day, still is sadly). From Reddit, as I started my journey on […]