RunAsRadio guest appearances

Forgot to publicize this when it happened last time, so just posting a general “hey look I was there!” RunAsRadio spots I’ve done. Richard Campbell is awesomesauce and a joy to get on Skype with and talk tech.  

The dude is out

Dude here, I’ve left Microsoft, again. I don’t get notified when comments are left here as a result. Apologies for being a bad curator. I can’t take this content with me, I don’t think. So leaving here “for the record”. Best of luck, Jeff

Performance Series Part 1 – How to collect an ETW/Xperf trace to capture general performance issues

Applies to: Windows 7+, Windows Server 2008 R2+ Target audience: People I support primarily. Anyone who wants to perf like a pro? Step 1: Get the Windows Performance Toolkit, by way of the¬†Windows Assessment and Deployment Kit. Since every iteration of the WPT happens to be distributed slightly differently than the previous version, I’ve included […]