How to boot trace Windows 10 using the in-box wpr.exe (no install needed)

Applies to: Windows 10+, Windows Server 2016+
Target audience: People I support primarily. Anyone who wants to perf like a pro?

Starting the trace

Simply open an administrative command prompt. Then make a directory (if required) to save your recording in.

Enter the command, as you would for a normal WPR trace, but using the boot option.

wpr -boottrace -addboot cpu -addboot diskio and hit enter.

Then reboot.

Stopping the trace

After you log back onto the host, open an administrative command prompt again and go to the directory you want to write the file in.

Then type:

wpr -boottrace -stopboot C:\temp\boottrace.etl

Now you have a nice shiny trace in C:\temp

Happy tracing!


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