You see “Enter the user for this data collector set.” when you attempt to modify a Performance Monitor data collector set. (confirmed bug in Perfmon – Resolved in April 2020 rollup)

Impacts: Windows 10 1903, probably older versions too.
Cause: somehow SYSTEM doesn’t have rights to performance profile the machine
Fix: Resolved March 2020

Seriously. I messed with User Rights Assignments, which I shouldn’t even have to do for SYSTEM in the first place, no dice. Google had 3 hits on this, all are just listing the error code presence in a dll.

Yay OneDrive and Google Drive, makes paving a 10 instance easy(er)


  1. Hi Jeff,
    How was this solved at the end? I have the same issue, very annoying, as during the creation of a Data Collector Set I can’t configure things like monitoring duration, etc.

    • Hey Csaba, thanks for the question! It seems it’s addressed in the March 2020 update. If you are seeing this still with the updates applied, please let me know what OS you see it with so I can confirm and let them know ok?


  2. Hi Jeff,
    Some more details: on most of our servers the problem doesn’t exist, except for three, even though the March security updates (KB4540723 and KB4540670) are installed. Weird…

  3. Sorry for posting so many posts, but I think I have now the root cause: the problem is not solved by the March updates, but by the April updates. Apparently all our systems that already have the April updates KB4550929 and KB4550994 don’t have the problem, while the ones that don’t have these updates yet still have the issue.

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