How to solomine Trezarcoin

This is a guide on how to solomine Trezarcoin, a relatively new cryptocurrency that I believe has some legs behind it. So on to the instructions on Windows. Sorry I don’t have a Linux box handy to doc this with. What you need Trezarcoin wallet. You can download that here. ccminer. I am using an […]

How to mine Vertcoin (VTC)

So another Cryptocurrency has piqued my interest. Vertcoin Vertcoin is very similar to Bitcoin and Litecoin but is ASIC resistant. I looked at the miner Vertcoin provides on GitHub and found it to have requirements that a normal Windows user could consider to be complicated. So I wrote this guide cause it’s what I did […]

Samsung 960 Pro NVMe SSD speeds are crazy

Update: post second rebuild on 10…the issue is gone. Beta bits to blame? I’m trying to reproduce to get to the bottom of it. No one should have a drive like this and be down 1GB/s in read speed…   So I installed a new Samsung 960 Pro NVMe SSD in my Asus Prime x370 […]

Build a Perfmon data collector set from a PAL xml template

Howdy, simple walk-through post on how to build a Perfmon data collector set using the excellent templates available from Clint Huffman’s PAL utility. Step 1: Export the appropriate template from PAL; One just clicks Threshold File (1), then Export to Perfmon template file (2), and gives it a file name to save as. Step 2: […]