Why does HyperX NGenuity need 1.16 GB for my headset?!

I was looking at space used on my C drive in Windows 10 (just upgraded to 2004 build, yay!) and found something that seemed off to me.

Now, it’s not unusual to have driver suites like bluetooth, or sound controllers, gpu’s, headsets, etc, take up some amount of space. That’s fine. Over a GB just to show me a battery status? W-T-F.

So I drilled down in there, it appears the HyperX NGenuity suite downloads the art/text/drivers for all their products, not just the one you use. And it keeps them there. Even if you don’t have the products and don’t intend on ever purchasing them.

Worse, I closed the software, deleted the extra directories, and relaunched only to find that now the NGenuity suite hangs (can’t minimize, move the window, close it, etc) at launch.

So lose a GB of space, or guess what your battery is at in your headset. Buyer beware.


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