Microsft Edge – “This site is trying to open” dialog box hell – Fix

Applies to: Edge

I was downloading mods to start up a game of Witcher 3 and every time I tried to download a mod to Vortex, this dialog box appeared, which no “ffs stop asking this” option.

This gets tedious quite quickly.

So, this article walks you through getting around the warning: https://docs.microsoft.com/en-us/deployedge/microsoft-edge-policies#externalprotocoldialogshowalwaysopencheckbox

But, this .reg key can be imported to do the same thing:

.reg file to fix annoyance (requires Edge restart)

Simply download and right-click/merge the file, then restart Edge.

Here’s the contents:

And here’s your new dialog box:

Simply check the box and select Open and you’ll not be prompted again.



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