How to solomine Trezarcoin

This is a guide on how to solomine Trezarcoin, a relatively new cryptocurrency that I believe has some legs behind it.

So on to the instructions on Windows. Sorry I don’t have a Linux box handy to doc this with.

What you need

Trezarcoin wallet. You can download that here.

ccminer. I am using an older build because I am seeing better performance with it on my Nvidia 1070 GPU. YMMV. You can download that here.


Install the wallet. I created a directory on the desktop and named it TrezarCoin. Instructions assume that path.

Create a file named trezarcoin.conf and place it in the Desktop\Trezarcoin\data folder.

Edit said file in notepad and fill it with some details:


replace the “rpcallowip”=#.#.#.# with your IP address of your mining node on the local network. If you are mining local on your machine with the wallet, then do for example.

Replace USER and PASS with something stronger than my defaults.

Run your wallet program, \Desktop\TrezarCoin\trezarcoin-qt.exe

Let it sync up with the network. This may take some time.

While you are waiting configure your miner.

I make batch files for my various mining antics so I made a localtzc.bat file in the same folder as my ccminer program.

The command line is:

ccminer64_75 -a neoscrypt -o http://#.#.#.#:17299 -u USER -p PASS -s 2

Replace the #.#.#.# with the IP of your machine running the trezarcoin-qt.exe program. Replace USER and PASS with what you defined in the .conf file above.

Save the localtzc.bat file and run it.

You are now solomining.


If you have issues. I have no idea. It seems to be working for me. Work for you? Leave a comment, let us know. Didn’t work? Let us know.

Want to know your solomining output expectations?

Go to “WhattoMine” and put in your hashrate and power costs and whatnot and see how many coins/day. A block is 100, so for every 100 a day, you will find one solution.



  1. Hi! Thanks for the guide.
    I dont quite understand the rpcallowip command. I am mining on my own rig and the trezar wallet is on a vps. Which ip should I put in there?
    Also. Where do I use that username and password?

    • the rpcallowip= is the IP address of your miner that is coming into your VPS (where the wallet is).

      USERNAME and PW are used in the miner command line (-u and -p respectively) to authenticate your miner on your rig with GPU to the VPS running the wallet.

  2. Hi when I tried to download the file google automatically blocked it saying it was malicious.

  3. Hi, when I try to run the cmd line info I get the following error “You are not authorized, check your login and password.” after the info below.

    NVML GPU monitoring enabled.
    NVAPI GPU monitoring enabled.
    1 miner thread started, using ‘neoscrypt’ algorithm.

    TrezarCoin Wallet says to use the long alphastring address from the “Recieve” window in the application as the User. I have also copied that into the .conf file and the PW matches that in the .conf file as well.

    Any thoughts?

  4. Hi Jeff, thanks for the clear guide.

    I got one rig at where has the wallet on it and the second one IP which wants to connect to the wallet is My batch file command line:

    ccminer -a neoscrypt -o -u salman80 -p S@li9520!

    Cant get the second rig connected! Any help?

    • Yeah. There seems to be a bug (not sure if its in ccminer, or in the wallet, I think wallet) where special characters in the PW field are not honored. Make the local PW on 102 for the wallet something without the special characters and see if it works then.

  5. Hi.

    My IT skill level is level zero. And this is my first sortie into crypto mining. Sorry if I’m going to ask the obvious. How do I go about running the ccminer? There is no exe file which I can click to execute. Thank you.

  6. My miner appears to work fine for some moments but after I do a transaction from my mining wallet, the rewards stop for a couple of days and after that, the mining becomes profitable again.

    Any thoughts?

    • So everything works fine until you do a coin transfer, then the mining stops showing input in your wallet for a bit?
      That doesn’t sound normal to me no. Trezarcoin has a slack channel and discord I think, might want to hit up the devs, they are pretty responsive last I knew.

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