If you run Plex Media Server, delete your old installers, it doesn’t (yet).

So I noted the other day my Plex server, which I adore BTW, was running a tad shy on disk space. That’s cool, but why.

So just a little poking around revealed that Plex Media Server has been hoarding disk space by keeping all previous downloads of the installer/updater on disk. Not really sure why. But I assure you the likelihood of me needing an installer for that from 2015 is pretty low…

So I deleted them all and got back my 6GB of space.

The path is the path of the user logged in while Plex is running, in my case, me:

\\AppData\Local\Plex Media Server\Updates


Ideally it’ll look like this, squeaky clean.

Mine had about 27 folders in it each with files, stuff, etc. Flotsam and jetsam of the interwebs.

so how I got there?

Windows start button, type %APPDATA% and hit enter


This puts us in USER\AppData\Roaming. We don’t want to be there. Click the UP arrow next to “This PC” and double-click Local, Plex Media Server, Updates.

Delete to your hearts content.

This post brought to you by the letter Q and the number 5.

If you think they should address this please up-vote the feature request here (requires a PlexPass, which you should ideally get if you use Plex).:





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