Disable Bluetooth in Windows 10

Enterprise administrators sometimes ask, how do I prevent Bluetooth file transfers or radio transmissions in Windows 10. If that’s your scenario, there is not (as time of writing) any GPO to manage this. So Microsoft Technical┬áSolutions Professional Chris Jones to the rescue! PowerShell snippet fit for SCCM or MDT stunts below!

# Must be run under System
$namespaceName = “root\cimv2\mdm\dmmap”
$className = “MDM_Policy_Config01_Connectivity02”

# Add the setting to turn off the Bluetooth toggle in the settings menu
New-CimInstance -Namespace $namespaceName -ClassName $className -Property @{ParentID=”./Vendor/MSFT/Policy/Config”;InstanceID=”Connectivity”;AllowBluetooth=0}

# Remove the setting to allow the User to control when the radio is turned on
$blueTooth = Get-CimInstance -Namespace $namespaceName -ClassName $className -Filter ‘ParentID=”./Vendor/MSFT/Policy/Config” and InstanceID=”Connectivity”‘
Remove-CimInstance $blueTooth



Do note; this is not officially supported, one size fits none, script not available in all areas, terms and conditions may apply.


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