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And test it first please.

An enterprise hotfix rollup is available for Windows 7 SP1 and Windows Server 2008 R2 SP1

This is a collection of the various updates we kept (we being PFEs who do WDRAP in particular) and Yong Rhee published for us, like

This is now a Rollup for Enterprises.  It is not in Windows Update, but is in the Catalog here:

Most customers should see a minute or more reduced from boot, and a more peppy system, as a result.

This was a great collaborative effort amongst CTS, WINSE, PFE and MCS.  A huge thanks to everyone involved.

Jeff Stokes

“The Dude”


  1. Hey guys, Jonathan, updated my article, bottom line is test functionality of the rollup.  This is a tremendous benefit to enterprise customer environments and is basically the 'secret PFE sauce' from countless WDRAP engagements world wide.  It should be tested to make sure your environment can see the benefits, but overall should be a great improvement in stability, performance and reliability.

    Paul, Yes, there are a LOT of fixes included in this.

  2. Hello Steve, I am surprised it didn't require a restart on 7, should have.  I would anticipate a restart on any install of this.

  3. Yeah Mark, the KB 2775511 (…/2775511) is updated, you need 2 hotfixes POST 2775511 install to fix regressions and bugs.

    After this update is installed, you must install update 2732673 to fix a regression issue in the Rdbss.sys file. To do this, install update 2732673 from the following Microsoft Knowledge Base article:


    "Delayed write failed" error message when .pst files are stored on a network file server that is running Windows Server 2008 R2After this update is installed, you must install update 2728738 to fix a regression issue in the Profsvc.dll file. To do this, install update 2728738 from the following Microsoft Knowledge Base article:


    You experience a long logon time when you try to log on to a Windows 7-based or a Windows Server 2008 R2-based client computer that uses roaming profiles

  4. 1)

       a)  Yes.

       b)  Yes it does.  These updates are not part of Windows Updates.

    2)  I'd Apply SP1 then 2775511.  MB/hardware drivers are irrelevant in this scenario.  Personally when I build out my machine at home I apply Windows, then Hardware drivers so everything works, then Windows Updates.

    Note some of these fixes (a few of them really) require the server(s) the host connects to have the fix also (think SMB and networking here).  This rollup is really oriented at orgs that have WMI queries in GPOs, GPPs pushing stuff, etc.  Home users, it'll make things more stable but might not see much positive impact.

  5. Hi Marten, does your machine already have Service Pack 1 on it?  Its a requirement for Windows 7 to be SP1 to be applied.  That's the only pre-req I am aware of you might be missing.

  6. Can you explain what you mean about the caveats around roaming profiles? There are no contraindications listed in the KB article?

    It seems we are getting this as a mini service pack and not getting Win7SP2, if so, what are the plans to progressively roll this out? Will this show up in WSUS in a couple of months if there are no customer reports of problems?

  7. Jeff,

    Does this rollup include KB2663418 and KB2705233  ? – i'm assuming 'yes' from the version numbers but they are not in the list.

  8. Does anyone know if you need restart the domain controllers after applying the patch? install on my windows 7 workstation and didn't ask me to restart?

  9. Hi Jeff/MS, can you confirm :

    1) Should this be installed on machines that already have all MS updates installed.  Does this have any benefits for machines that have all updates installed ?

    2) If I am doing a fresh/virgin installation from Win7 SP1 media, should I apply this roll-up immediately after installing  Win7-SP1, or should I install motherboard/hardware drivers first ?   And if it "doesn't matter", which would you recommend/prefer ?

    Thanks for your help

  10. Dear Jeff, KB 2775511 is important for me because of the WebDAV updates.

    I have downloaded the Update for Windows 7 for x64-based Systems (KB2775511) file and started the msu installer.

    Then I get the message "this update is not applicable to your computer".

    I run windows 7 professional 64 bits operating system (dell vostro laptop).

    Any suggestions?

  11. How do we deploy updates 2732673 and 2728738 with ConfigMgr.  They aren't in the WSUS catalog or the Microsoft Update catalog it appears

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