Quickly give someone a file in Windows 8

So Pieter Wigleven (a Dutch PFE that came to make some content with me in Seattle this week) had sent me an email with a PPTx attachment the other day and because his mail server is in Europe it was taking a while since we were in Seattle for the week.  So I had an epiphany of sorts, “Hey” I said, “Why not send it over Bluetooth, we’re both on laptops…”

So we did.



All you need to do is Open Settings and allow one of the machines to be visible in Bluetooth!


But you know, I’m not even sure you need to do that.  You might be good enough just doing this…

(but once you do that the other machine sees the laptop and then you just click Send File anyway)


The other guy just needs to select “receive file” to show up as a target I believe, but the send file option looks like this:


And bang it transmits.  Easy as Pie!


How cool is that.  No network to create, we kept our WPA2 wifi hooked up during the transfer, etc.  Just worked.

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