Office 365 and Office non-365 troubleshooters

I admit it, I got lost trying to format the reddit post (some comments nsfw) correctly with all the community additions. So I made a better formatted list here because I know how. (Not that I don’t want to learn, but today was a busy day, still is sadly).

From Reddit, as I started my journey on this tool here Microsoft Remote Connectivity Troubleshooter

Then got pointed to this from that site: Old o365 troubleshooter

Which was ‘ok’ but it pointed me to a newer click-to-run located here: new troubleshooter for O365

This one seems pretty awesome so far:


Clicking Outlook directs to:


Which is a pretty good suite of tests IMO.

My original ask (solved by community maybe, still playing) is the tool Skype for Business Network Assessment Tool.

For reference, the Non-o365 CAT tool as well.

Anyway hope it helps someone troubleshoot.

Edit: not really what I was hoping for, but a MVP put this together in January 2015, nice of him: PDF of Lync/Skype for Biz troubleshooting guide  Seems pretty thorough but more oriented towards back-end systems.

Warm thanks to the Redditors for contributing to this list.



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