Yet another xperf analysis post

Pump up the volume, Pump up the volume…

Slow Boot:


Yep, that’s slow.  Clearly not in CPU usage though…what about disk?


Nope (the dude knows nothing about this trace except he (when looking at it the first time) named it ROFLCOPTER)….

So basically the system hangs at boot from 30 second mark through to 350 seconds.  UNACCEPTABLE SIRS!

Why?  I’m guessing WMI, but what do I know…


Huh.  Appears I know something.  I might be psychic in fact.  I BET you, these 2 WMI calls, well, 3 calls, are from GPClient…


And there we have it.  GPClient killing the box.  Sad smile  I’m also listening to the Blues Brothers, so what do you want for nothing?  A Rubber Biscuit!?

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