Ladies and Gentleman (and low lifes), it is with outstanding pleasure tonight that I am able to present to you, the reader, with an xperf trace….

For those who didn’t yet know, the Dude is a fan of old school rap.  So one of these days, not much to do, I was chillin with my old school crew and I ran into a slow boot scenario…

(Yes, I am in fact listening to Mona Lisa by Slick Rick the Ruler!)

So I’m not picky, let me share this trace out…


Not a bad looking trace, what’s the problem the reader may ask him/herself?  Lets scroll down a bit…


Whoop whoop, that’s the sound of the police!  Why is our storage basically at 100% util through the whole trace?  The disk light on this laptop never turns off through the boot up.  And look at this:


So don’t say this, don’t say that, change your lyrics….Post Boot never finishes on this trace, what gives?


Doh, Chill Rob G may have the Power, but ReadyBoot doesn’t….

Lets get a summary table on this.


Look at that chart.  We miss 602 MB of ReadyBoot data and hit 415 MB of it.  Who here things a less than 50% Readyboot cache hit rate is acceptable?  No one?  Good, you’re right!

This is a classic case for requiring the ReadyBoot hotfix that says if 99 restore points are created you might run into problems.  It fixes this, as Mark pointed out a while back…


  1. How so, does it not demonstrate why you need 2555428 in an enterprise managed environment?  What could be better (besides the rap title)?


  2. well , actually post sucks. Greek is a language which i don't understand neither do most of us. Seems like you are gaining some points in your org for writing blogs and putting it in your yearly commitments.

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