Misadventures in BIOS updates

So I’m on a new-ish motherboard from ASUS that has an AM4 socket for my Ryzen 1700x processor. So far so good right? Well, ASUS released a new BIOS update that “Update AGESA to”. This sounded awesome, or at least a fix, as BIOS 0803 updated to and was noticeably no longer on the download page…


So I updated. What could possibly go wrong?

So, the new bios 805 appears to have an issue with mixed DRAM configurations where it marks RAM bank B as present, but Windows sees it as hardware reserved and BIOS doesn’t account for it…


So above is the problem case, note memory is 16384, even though DRAM status sees all 4 sticks and they amount to 24GB…


It’s been my experience that computers are generally good at math, at least better than I am at it…so…yeah.

I dorked around, on a whim. I reboot, force D.O.C.P. config (whatever that is). We are now good after 1 reboot for D.O.C.P. to take effect. #becausesunspots



Now, the bad part, when I do this it reboots (naturally), but then fails to post 3 times and recovers). I have to hit F1 (apparently D.O.C.P. means “OVERCLOCKME BADLY”. Since, well, it thinks my DDR4 RAM is capable of 2667 when it is capped at 2400. Whatever.

So I disable D.O.C.P., now I have my memory accounted for properly?!



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or something.

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