How to setup a rolling 200 meg log file in 2003 with a PAL template that sustains reboots

1.  Get a PAL template or other perfmon template.  You can run PAL at or use one created for you by CTS or another party.


Simply open PAL, go to the “Threshold File” tab at the top, and Export the template by clicking “Export to Perfmon Template”.  Note to save it as a “Windows 2003/XP files [*.htm]” type!


(give it a name of course)

2.  In Windows 2003 Server, open perfmon (Start/Run/Perfmon), and go to the “Counter Logs” section.


Right Click here and Select “New Log Settings From…”


And Import the htm template we just exported.

Give it a name and hit OK.


All our settings are there, but wait, we’re not done!

Click the “Log Files” tab and then Configure…


And then, chose a drive with some space available (preferably other than C: so if you do fill up your drive, you don’t crash the box) and set the “Log file size” to “Limit of:” 200 MB.


Hit OK and click the “Schedule” tab and then set “Start Log” to the “At:” radio button and select the date of last week sometime.


And then, for “Stop log” select “When the 200-MB log file is full.” and check the box below for “Start a new log file”


Now hit OK and start the log file (right click, Start) so it’s green.  This log file will sustain reboots (it’s scheduled to start last week and never end) and will never grow above 200 MB (Perfmon gets unwieldy after about 200-250 MB in size).

Coming soon, how to do this in 2008/2008R2…

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