Everything you do for someone else, matters. (no pressure)

I didn’t have the easiest path into my eventual career in IT. As a result, I think perhaps I recognize that ‘no man is an island’ concept more than some others. I didn’t get here on my own. As Isaac Newton would say, I got here on the shoulders of giants.

A post on LinkedIn sort of made me notice the impact of being that shoulder for others. Maybe it seems obvious, but everything you do that impacts others, positive or negative, matters. Sometimes in surprising ways.

linkedin post

A class I volunteered to teach, to new hires at Microsoft back in 2010, mattered. Maybe not to every student. But to one student, who is now a Principal Program Manager – Microsoft 365 Defender, it mattered. It added to their skillset. Contributed to what they are now, in some small way.

This is not an ego thing for me, but a reminder, or maybe a call to action, to consider the impact of my words and actions on others. They almost echo through history in some small way.

How is up to you.

Till next time.


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