What’s using your video RAM? Xbox Game Services naturally…

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One of my routines when installing Windows 10 fresh (or updating builds when it wipes my preferences) is to change Task Manager’s view to report on additional columns of value.  Let me show you what I’m doing:

TaskManager with columns that make sense

My machine has an uptime of 1 day, 15 hours. I game quite a bit. Running an Nvidia 2080ti.

Somehow while not gaming, I’m using 3GB of dedicated video ram…

While not gaming.

So where is it going?

Xbox game services (I don’t use this, forgot to turn off gamebar doh)


Does this get released when I launch a game? Probably not. Good reminder to shut off what you don’t need for better gaming experiences.

Win+G to go in and shut it off btw.

Game on!


    1. Maybe yeah, probably not helpful for a default installation (imo anyway).

      Discord also eats GPU ram, and Outlook as well. Fortunately they both have a method to disable hardware acceleration.

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