Once again, I quit Microsoft…

Dude here, with my first installment of my new blog. For the second time in my life, I’ve left the company I enjoyed working at, in order to try something new. Well, sort of.

Before I get to that though, some words of advice. I think careers and beach assaults have something in common. Keep moving.

So, first time, I left Microsoft so I could be a VDI architect for a firm. When I arrived, they made me a helpdesk escalation point instead. So yeah.

This time, I left big data (where I have been for the last 2 years or so at Microsoft) to go back to my roots. Takin’ it back old school. Windows client. I have joined Tanium, you see. Endpoint accountability, visibility, etc. I have some ideas, in the noggin here, we’ll see how they pan out.

Anyway, big data didn’t click, to me. Didn’t ‘sing’ so to speak, just was meh. I mean, I ‘get it’, in a way Mr Burton never will, but it didn’t woo me.

I’ve always said, it is important to do something you enjoy for your work, since you spend so much time doing it. So I really enjoyed my days in Microsoft PFE doing endpoint work, analytics of perf, things like that. So we’ll see how this works.


  1. Thank you again for all the mentoring and opening up all sorts of doors for me there. God luck to you sir!

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