Tip of the Day for Windows 8!

A new blog series from the Great Robert Mitchell by way of the Dude!  Who is Robert Mitchell you may ask?!?!


He’s this guy:






Anyway, this is a series that runs internally for folks and the Dude said “hey, why don’t we socialize this?” and Robert was like “no way” and I was like “way” and he was like “dude” and I was like “righteous”…




Today’s tip…

In Windows storage spaces, a 2-way mirror requires at least 2 physical disks.  However, a 3-way mirror requires at least 5 physical disks.

The reason is that a 3-way mirror uses a quorum.  In order to keep running, the mirror space must keep over 50% of the disks functioning.  So a 3-way mirror must have at least 5 physical disks to be able to survive the loss of up to 2 physical disks.

A 2-way mirror does not require this type of majority vote.

NOTE:  This is the same in both client and server.

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