Windows 8 ADK solves GPO Logon Delay questions, film at 11….

Symptoms:  Logons take forever and you’ve collected an xbootmgr/WPR/xperf123/xperfui trace.  What GPO can it be?  Easy!


Open Windows Performance Analyzer from the Windows 8 ADK:

Open Said Offending Trace:


Expand…System Activity and then find the Generic Events, click and drag the windows so its under “Analysis” tab…

AR me eyes!  Relax, its ok, we’re going to bring some good order out of this chaos.  Click this button in the top right:

And no, I can’t draw straight lines….

This trace should now look like this:


Slide down on the Provider Name area until you locate “Microsoft-Windows-GroupPolicy”.  Right Click and select “Filter to selection:


Sanity ensues…Now click the Carrot on Task Name (right of Provider Name in the middle of the screenshot above:

Anyway, this view looks like this (still too busy):

Notice the diamonds at the top by the way?  Highlight WinStop on the top and it’ll take you to the bottom area for WinStop.  Observe when each one ends and also, look for the column CSEElapsed Time:



Because it took 360453 ms to complete:

Next expand the CSEExtension Name field

Easy as pie.

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