What: Starlink is a game on Uplay.
I don't get it: This could also be phrased "What is the negative impact of Windows Defender Application Guard?".

Caveat Emptor or something: Disabling Windows Defender Application Guard isn't a good solution. A ticket is open with the developers to resolve this weird detection of virtualization. This post is more a PSA on "hey if your app can't launch after a build update, maybe this is why". HTH.
(Shout out to VA_Network_Nerd for the enterprise perspective)

Sorry, this application cannot run in a virtual machine.

So, fun fact, I don’t run Hyper-V on this box…

But, I do run Windows Defender Application Guard.

Which, kinda uses virtualization…check it out:

Which is basically how the diagram for a Hyper-visor looks…


The fix is to disable Windows Defender Application Guard by unchecking the box in “Turn Windows Features on or Off”, and then rebooting when prompted.

Until next time, game on yo!

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